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Who are Clear Utility Solutions?

We are Clear Utility Solutions and we are clear about what we want to do; search out the best utility contracts for our clients no matter what.  We promise to use clear easy to understand language and to only recommend products appropriate to our customers' needs.


Our aim is to lead the charge in offering a personal bespoke service that sets us ahead of the rest, ensuring our customers benefit from spending the minimum amount of time and money managing their energy.  

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Our Values

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Clarity -

We promise never to hide behind jargon or fail to explain important parts of our contracts.

Fairness -

We will always behave in a manner that's fair and right for all.

Respect -

We promise to show the utmost respect to every person we deal with without exception; customer or otherwise. 

Meet our team

Chris Draper

Chris Draper headshot

Co-Founder / COO

Chris is our go-to when it comes to energy contracts. With over 17 years of experience in business energy, he intuitively understands his customers and has the know-how to guide business owners/managers to the precise energy deal to match their needs.

He is also on hand to share his knowledge with the wider team and is a keen student of management theory.

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Benjamin Gunn

Ben is a business energy expert. Having fulfilled various roles supplier side, Ben now uses his extensive knowledge to help Clear Utility customers get the best out of their energy contracts. Ben has over 18 years of experience in his field and loves to get into the details, from rewriting connection agreements to advising on infrastructure upgrades, Ben is our in-house energy geek.

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Co-Founder / CEO

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Rosie Hazell

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Sales Administrator

Rosie loves to bury herself in the details, often juggling two or three tasks at once. She is instrumental in supporting the rest of the team, and we wouldn't be able to offer the level of service we are proud of without her efforts.

Dilshan Khan

Dilshan Khan headshot

Utility Specialist

Dilshan brings 5 years of business energy experience to the team. His calm and patient demeanor makes him a favorite with his customers. Dilshan is also our resident local council expert and is always on hand to dispense valuable advice wherever it is needed.

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Alex Hamilton

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Operations Director

Alex is a highly skilled professional with over 15 years' experience in the field of waste management and business cost reduction. Alex has successfully developed strategies to streamline waste management processes and optimise cost saving initiatives. Because most of Alex's primary contacts are from the manufacturing and hospitality sectors, the transition to tailored energy solutions and leveraging the expertise of Ben and Chris fits in very well with customers cost reduction strategies.

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David Bader

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Head of Telco

David, our telecoms expert, brings over 20 years of experience in telecommunication technologies and network infrastructure. With proficiency in VoIP, mobile networks, and data transmission protocols, he excels in troubleshooting and optimizing systems. His strong communication skills foster effective collaboration with cross-functional teams, he will save you money and upgrade your services to maximise the communication within your organisation.

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Tom Brown

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Utility Specialist

Tom brings over 15 years of commercial energy experience at supplier level. His attitude to helping customers post contract is unrivalled, his professional friendly approach makes him a great fit amongst many of our customers. What Tom doesn’t know about commercial  energy - isn’t worth knowing.

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Why are we here?

Clear Utility was born in 2018 by Chris and Ben who after working for an energy supplier for many years saw a gap in the market for an easy-to-use, genuinely impartial, and above all fast service to help frustrated business owners tired of constantly having to swap energy supplier and broker to get the service and price they needed.

Since then Clear Utility has gone from strength to strength and our commitment to service and value has enabled us to forge and develop long lasting relationships with suppliers and customers alike.

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CUS Customer Commitment

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Our industry experience tells us our customers want honest, quick and fuss-free energy switching and that's exactly what we do. 


Our attitude is that we work for our customers and our team is willing to earn every penny so to speak. Our energy expertise is always just a phone call or email away and we respond to every query, regardless.

Our simple service allows you to access a hand-picked panel of suppliers across multiple utilities to provide you with the best possible utility quotes based on your requirements. 

We take a no pressure approach to what we do and we will never force you to change suppliers, we always speak to your current supplier and if we can get you a you a better deal with them, we will. Simple!

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Rated Excellent on Trustpilot 

We are proud to support Tommy's

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