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Why should you consider going green?

Adopting green energy demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. This can enhance your brand image, attract environmentally conscious customers, and improve your reputation in the market.

​​Going green can boost employee morale and engagement by aligning your business with values that are important to many individuals. Employees are often proud to work for companies that demonstrate environmental responsibility, which can improve retention and productivity.

Overall, embracing green energy offers numerous benefits for businesses, including cost savings, environmental sustainability, market differentiation, regulatory compliance, energy independence, innovation, and risk management. By making the transition to renewable energy, businesses can position themselves for long-term success while contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future.

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Which business energy suppliers do we work with?

We compare more than 50 business energy providers and tariffs, including familiar providers from the ‘Big Five’ as well as smaller companies that might be able to offer you a great deal on gas and electricity for your business.

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Green business energy

In the UK, the government has established an ambitious goal to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 80% (compared to 1990 levels) by 2050. While this objective presents a considerable challenge, both individuals and businesses can contribute significantly by implementing substantial changes.

Businesses consume considerably more energy than individual households. Just envisage the collective impact if your business were to join thousands or even millions of others nationally in transitioning to renewable energy sources. When coupled with enhancements in energy efficiency, such a shift could yield substantial positive effects.

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What is renewable business energy?

Renewable energy refers to energy derived from naturally replenishing sources that are continuously available and can be sustainably harvested without depleting finite resources. These energy sources are considered renewable because they are naturally replenished on a human timescale and have minimal environmental impact compared to fossil fuels.

Common types of renewable energy include Solar, Wind, Hydropower, Biomass and Geothermal.

Your guide to renewable energy - green electricity

Electricity, which likely constitutes the largest portion of your utility expenses, primarily originates from the utilization of fossil fuels. However, these resources are non-renewable, meaning once depleted, they cannot be replenished, and the Earth possesses only a finite supply. Estimates vary, but many suggest that by around 2060, we may exhaust all reserves of fossil fuels.

This underscores the urgency to transition towards 100% renewable electricity within the limited timeframe available. Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass, or nuclear power offer low or zero-carbon alternatives for electricity generation.

Clear Utility is dedicated to assisting you in discovering the most suitable green electricity tariffs tailored to your requirements, offering exclusive rates not available elsewhere.

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Green gas

Solar panels in a sunny field

When searching for sustainable business energy, you'll doubtless see options for 'green gas' among energy providers. These tariffs feature power derived from green gas, also known as biomethane.

Green gas originates from various organic sources, primarily through the processing of organic waste like food and animal waste, as well as residues from food processing. Notably, biomethane production removes CO₂ from the atmosphere, thus mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

Transitioning to 100% green business gas demonstrates your commitment to combating global warming. If you're dedicated to a sustainable energy strategy for the long haul, Clear Utility is on hand to offer the right advice and tariffs.

Your guide to renewable energy - green electricity

In addition to their finite nature, fossil fuels emit CO₂, contributing to the build-up of this gas in the atmosphere. Known as the greenhouse effect, increasing concentrations of this gas traps heat within the planet's atmosphere, leading to global warming. The consequences of global warming include the melting of polar ice caps, rising sea levels, and the occurrence of extreme weather events.

Recognising the urgent need for action, many countries worldwide advocate for decisive measures to address global warming. However, individuals can also play a significant role by finding ways to reduce personal and business CO₂ emissions. This entails transitioning away from fossil fuels and embracing renewable energy sources.

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We got in touch with the team at Clear Utility Solutions after hearing about them from the Derbyshire Association of Local Councils. Our electricity contracts were due for renewal last year and the team secured us a great deal I can't recommend them highly enough. Brilliant service!

Breaston Parish Council

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We can find the right solutions for big business..

We can find the right solutions for big business..

Larger businesses operating across multiple sites and or other types of business with considerable need for power can often have a myriad of requirements for which careful analysis is required. Most such entities have a need for proprietary cost control mechanisms and  energy efficiency strategies. We understand such architecture will never look the same for two companies and as such create a bespoke solution for every customer. 

Carbon Reduction

Successfully reducing your carbon footprint is at the heart of being a sustainable business and we can help. 

There’s no doubt that our country is moving towards a greener future and COP26 has highlighted the government’s willingness to start building more eco-friendly infrastructure. Furthermore demands for products that are kinder to the planet are on the rise!

But, becoming a sustainable business isn’t always easy. With processes you might have stuck to for years, it can be tricky to know where to make changes to go greener. But, it’s not impossible, you just need to know where to start. 

Metering for larger businesses

Frequently larger businesses need to consider changing their physical energy supply arrangements in order to ensure energy consumption is minimised across their portfolio and energy needs are met.


This can include works such as capacity changes for tackling energy intensive activities, a more accurate or suitable metering system for the measurement of energy usage, or simply more connections to facilitate business expansion, a host of activities may be required by a business.


Clear Utility Solutions are experts in:


  • New connections

  • Meter disconnection

  • Removal of existing service (physical and logical)

  • Increase capacity of an existing service

  • Decrease capacity of an existing service

  • Temporary builders’ supply

  • Metering upgrades

  • Smart meter installation

"We will tailor your needs to find you the perfect solution - let us do the hard work."

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Can I have REGO certificated green business electricity?

Yes! And we can help. We offer expert advice on the renewable business electricity tariffs available to your business. Switching to renewable electricity could not only help you save money, but it can also have benefits for your corporate image, social responsibility targets and, most importantly, your carbon footprint.

What is REGO?

The Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme provides transparency to consumers about the proportion of electricity that suppliers source from renewable electricity. 

This scheme provides certificates called REGOs which demonstrate electricity has been generated from renewable sources. 

How does REGO work? 

One REGO certificate is issued per megawatt hour (MWh) of eligible renewable output to generators of renewable electricity. 

The primary use of REGOs in Great Britain and Northern Ireland is for Fuel Mix Disclosure (FMD). FMD requires licensed electricity suppliers to disclose to potential and existing customers the mix of fuels (coal, gas, nuclear, renewable and other) used to generate the electricity supplied. 

Guarantees of Origin 

EU Member States version of the REGO scheme is called Guarantees of Origin (GoOs). As of 1 January 2021, the EU no longer recognises UK REGOs. 

From the disclosure period beginning 1 April 2023 and onwards, GoOs are no longer recognised for use in GB FMD, FIT annual levelisation, or CfD.

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We are proud to support Tommy's

Tommy's fund research into miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth and provide pregnancy health information to parents. Tommy's believe it is unacceptable that one in four women lose a baby during pregnancy and birth. They want every parent to have the best possible pregnancy outcomes and to take home happy, healthy babies. Tommy's are the largest charity funding research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. They also provide information for parents-to-be to help them have a healthy pregnancy and baby.




1 in 4 women experience miscarriage in their lifetimes, and 1 in 100 have 3 or more miscarriages in a row. Tommy's want to change this so that women no longer have to suffer the trauma of losing their babies.

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